The Kalookan Cathedral known canonically as San Roque Cathedral.

the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kalookan, and is located near the intersection of 10th Avenue and A. Mabini Street, in Caloocan City, Philippines. The church is beside La Consolacion College, and in the far front of the church is the City.

CANONICAL INTERVIEW of the contracting parties by a designated priest, at least four (4) weeks prior to the wedding date. Minimum documents required upon interview: Baptismal Certificate.

Newly issued Copy of BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE & CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE (BINYAG at KUMPIL) with notation “For Marriage Purposes”.

MARRIAGE LICENSE (This can be secured from the Local Civil Registrar’s Office of either of the party) or MARRIAGE CONTRACT if already married civilly.

CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE (CENOMAR from NSO) from both the contracting parties.

PERMIT & ECCLESIASTICAL BANNS to be published in the parishes where both contracting parties reside for 3 consecutive Sundays.

PRE-CANA Counseling Session/Seminar to be scheduled.

LIST OF NAMES SPONSORS (Ninongs & Ninangs).

A GOOD CONFESSION for both Groom & Bride, at least a day before the marriage (N.B. Review your Catechism Christian Doctrine).

Certificate of Freedom to Marry – From church/pastor

Legal Capacity to Marry – To be secured from the respective embassy.



P 3,000.00


  • Nuptial Mass (May Misa)
  • 1st Pair of Sponsors (Ninong at Ninang)
  • Wedding March
  • Red Carpet
  • Artificial Flowers / White veil along aisle
  • All Lights turned on

Additional Payment for extra pair/s of sponsor/s

  • 1 pair of sponsor P 300 6 pairs of sponsors P1,800
  • 2 pairs of sponsors P 600 7 pairs of sponsors P2,100
  • 3 pairs of sponsors P 900 8 pairs of sponsors P2,400
  • 4 pairs of sponsors P1,200 9 pairs of sponsors P2,700
  • 5 pairs of sponsors P1,500 10 pairs of sponsors P3,000


P 1,000.00


  • Wedding Rites/Ceremony Only (Walang Misa)
  • 1st Pair of Sponsors
  • No Decorations

Additional Payment for extra pair/s of sponsor/s

  • 1 pair of sponsor P 250 6 pairs of sponsors P1,500
  • 2 pairs of sponsors P 500 7 pairs of sponsors P1,750
  • 3 pairs of sponsors P 750 8 pairs of sponsors P2,000
  • 4 pairs of sponsors P1,000 9 pairs of sponsors P2,250
  • 5 pairs of sponsors P1,250 10 pairs of sponsors P2,500

WEDDING SINGERS (Optional. To lead in the singing of Mass songs) – P500.00

  • WEDDINGS are held FROM MONDAYS TO SATURDAYS. (1½ hrs. allocated time per wedding).
  • Time slots: SATURDAYS: 9:00AM/11:00AM/2:00PM/4:00PM MONDAYS-FRIDAYS: 10:00AM/2:00PM/4:00PM
  • No weddings on SUNDAYS, ASH WEDNESDAY, HOLY WEEK and during special events in the Cathedral.
  • Couples must be in the church 30 minutes ahead of time/schedule.
  • If the couple (or one of them) is late for 15 minutes, the Nuptial Mass will be omitted.

Marriage as a sacrament gives two kinds of grace. First is the increase in sanctifying grace, imparted at the very moment that the sacrament is received. As the just-wed couple turn away from the altar, their souls are spiritually stronger, spiritually more beautiful than when they came to the altar a few moments earlier. Second is sacramental grace - God provides whatever actual graces the couple may need, through the years, to make a happy and successful marriage. For its full effectiveness this grace needs the cooperation of both partners to the marriage. The grace is intended for that single entity, that "one-from-two," which a married couple has become. But if one partner should prove derelict to Christian duty, the other spouse still can count on exceptional graces of strength and wisdom. To be more specific, the sacramental grace of Marriage: perfects the natural love of husband and wife; elevates this love to a supernatural level which far surpasses mere mental and physical compatibility; gives to marital love a sanctifying quality, making it an instrument for growth in holiness and marriage a path to sainthood; Imparts conscientiousness in the begetting and rearing of children; gives prudence in the innumerable problems consequent upon family life; and enables husband and wife to adjust to one another's shortcomings and to bear with one another's faults. This is only a little of what the grace of Matrimony will accomplish for those who, by their cooperation, give God a chance to show what He can do.

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San Roque Cathedral

Like any other growth, San Roque Parish had a humble beginning. Today, San Roque Cathedral – the parish and the church is considered as one of the most vibrant Christian communities, as a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Manila.

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